Tools We Use

Useful Technologies

At Thunderbolt Labs, technology is the means to an end. We pick technologies designed to solve problems. Not to follow trends. Not to pad project résumés. We employ a wide variety of technical tools. Here are some we use regularly:

  • Common Sense and open, to-the-point communication (Experience)
  • Modern JavaScript: AngularJS and Angular2, ReactJS, Redux, Node
  • Ruby on Rails (Ruby)
  • .NET Framework (C#, F#)
  • Mono (C#, F#)
  • Service Stack .NET (C#, F#)
  • Server-Side JavaScript: Node
  • Databases: Relational (MySql,Postgresql) and NoSQL (Mongo, Redis)
  • Mobile Development: Xamarin (C#, F#), Ionic and React Native (Javascript), iOS (Swift and Objective-C)
  • Responsive CSS with Google Material Design, Bootstrap, and Flexbox